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Aeropress Brewing Guide

You will need:

  • your Aeropress
  • a washed aeropress filter
  • something to stir your coffee with
  • a cup- make it aeropress diameter to make your job easy
  • timer (optional)
  • scales (optional)
  • about 200 mL of fresh water just off the boil. We recommend 90 deg C
  • 15 - 20g freshly roasted filter coffee (day 3-14)

What’s next?

  • Insert the filter into the Aeropress, and pre heat it and your cup with some hot water. Discard.
  • Set the aeropress up with the filter over your cup and add the coffee to the brew chamber.
  • Start the timer and add just enough water to wet the coffee. Wait for a while- say 20 sec of longer if you prefer stronger (up to a minute)
  • Add the rest of of the water, give everything a stir for perhaps 15 sec and then insert the plunger.
  • Plunge away. We think it’s good to so some work to get the best from the coffee.
  • Enjoy!

You will find some more tips including the inverted method on The World Aeropress Championship's Website.


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