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Gaggia - Descaling/Decalcifying


Tools Required:

  1. Gaggia Decalcifying Solution
  2. One container that will hold the same amount of liquid as your water reservoir
  3. Another small container to catch water from the group head


  1. Remove the machine’s water reservoir and empty all of the liquid from it.
  2. Mix or dilute your Gaggia Decalcifier according to the directions in a separate container.
  3. Fill the reservoir with the solution.
  4. Reattach the water reservoir to the machine.
  5. Turn the machine on.
  6. Set a large container underneath the steam wand to collect the decalcifying solution.
  7. Set another container underneath the brew spout to collect more of the decalcifying solution.
  8. Set the machine up so that hot water will be dispensed from the steam wand when the steam valve is opened.
  9. Start the machine so the solution begins flowing from the steam arm.
  10. Allow about 2 oz of solution to be dispensed from the steam arm.
  11. Stop the flow and close the steam valve.
  12. Now, press your brewing button and allow about 2 oz to of solution to be dispensed from the group head.
  13. Allow the machine to sit for the amount of time specified on the cleaner packaging. This is typically two to five minutes.
  14. Repeat steps 10 - 14 until all of the decalcifying solution has drained into the containers.
  15. Remove the containers and discard the liquid that has been collected.
  16. Rinse the water reservoir thoroughly and then fill it with the type of water you usually use for brewing.
  17. Re-attach the reservoir to the machine.
  18. Rinse the decalcifying solution out of the machine by allowing a continuous flow of water from the steam arm until the water tank is empty, or nearly empty. Close the knob when the process is complete.
  19. Refill your water tank and place it back onto the espresso machine.
  20. Press the brew button to dispense 2-4 oz of water from the group head to flush this area clean.

The decalcifying process is now complete. If you are unsure if all of the descaling solution has been flushed from your machine, you can use baking soda to test if the acids from the solution are still present in the water.


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