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Gaggia/Saeco - Clean Your Steam Wand/Pannarello

Steam Wand Cleaning & Assembly:

In order to ensure the performance quality of your Pannarello Wand, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent milk residue from building up and impeding its functionality. It is important to clean your wand after each use, with particular attention being paid to the air intake hole as you will no longer be able to create froth if it becomes clogged.

Saeco/Gaggia Pannarello Wands are made out of five components. The cap nut, the inner wand, a small plastic gasket, a large rubber gasket, and the frothing sleeve. The following steps outline how to remove a Pannarello wand.

1. To remove the Pannarello Wand, begin by sliding the frothing sleeve off of the inner wand.

2. To remove the inner wand, grasp it between your thumb and forefinger and with your opposite hand, unscrew the cap nut which holds it in place.

3. When the nut has been fully unscrewed, you will be able to slide the inner wand off of the steam arm, when you do, take care not to lose the small plastic gasket located between the inner wand and the cap nut.

4. There is a second, larger rubber gasket that often remains lodged inside of the inner wand after removal. This gasket can be pried out of the inner wand with the use of a small screwdriver or a similar tool.

5. Remove the cap nut and you can begin cleaning the Pannarello Wand.

When you have cleaned your wand and it comes time to replace it, begin by sliding the cap nut, back onto the steam arm, followed by the small gasket, and then the large gasket.

6. With the gaskets and cap nut in place, slide the inner wand back up the arm and back into the cap nut.

7. Tighten the cap nut until the inner wand is secure and replace the frothing sleeve. When everything is back in place, gently tug on the wand to make sure that it is secure and won't slide off during frothing.

8. There may be some slight variation in the designs of the wands that come with each machine, but the process outlined above applies to all varieties of Pannarello Wands currently offered by Saeco/Gaggia.

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