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Gaggia/Saeco - Lubricating & Cleaning Your Brew Unit

Brew Group Chamber Cleaning:

Because Super-Automatic machines grind, tamp, brew, and dispose of grounds internally, over time, water and ground coffee collect in the drip tray and dreg drawer and will need to be disposed of. While Saeco & Gaggia Super-Automatic machines feature maintenance alerts to inform you when they need to be emptied, it’s a good habit to empty your machine’s drip tray and dreg drawer after each use. Additionally, coffee from the grinder may be thrown into the brew group chamber, which should be wiped out on a regular basis.

Brew Group Cleaning and Lubrication:

  1. Remove the brew unit from the machine.
  2. Thoroughly clean the brew unit with dish soap and warm water by hand. Remove as much of the old lubricant as is possible. Do not place the brew unit in the dishwasher, as hot water can cause the brew unit to warp.
  3. The center of the brew unit is the part that cycles when the machine is brewing coffee or performing a rinse cycle. The brew unit pictured below has been taken apart and the small channels where lubricant needs to be applied are highlighted in red.

  4. You do not need to disassemble the brew unit in order to properly lubricate it. You can use your finger or a small brush to generously apply the lubricant to these channels.
  5. After applying lubricant to these channels, you can return the brew unit to your espresso machine.
  6. Your brew unit is now properly lubricated.


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