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How To Prime My Machine

How To Prime A Single Boiler Espresso Machine

This is very simple and every espresso machine owner should know how to do. Not understanding how to prime your machine can lead to expensive repair bills. Usually the elements are cracked.

First Method (Usually for new machines)

  1. Fill the water tank
  2. Turn on the machine
  3. Open the hot water tap and release water until a steady stream of water flows out.
  4. Let the machine heat up and enjoy you shot of espresso!

When you are steam make sure you remember to prime the machine again. We recommend you only steam for 2 cycles and then prime the machine before you steam again.


How To Prime My Jura Super Automatic

This should be done when you first purchased the unit. If you get prompted to this it is because you ran out of water and forgot to fill the water tank. Do not fear, we will help you fix this problem.

  1. Fill the water tank
  2. Turn your machine on
  3. Turn the tap on the machine or if you do not have a tap press the hot water button.
  4. Enjoy your latte or cappuccino!


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