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Silver Chef

Flexible options, it’s your decision.

Rent-Try-Buy is unique in Canada. It gives you more freedom, flexibility and options than any other traditional financing with far less paperwork and hassle! 

Purchase the equipment at any time

Purchase at any time during the 12 month period and your payout is simply the original purchase price less 60% of the rent paid.



Upgrade the equipment at any time
Upgrade at any time to equipment better suited for your business.



Return your equipment
Return the equipment after the 12 month period if you no longer need it.



Continue to Rent
At the end of the 12 months continue renting with no obligation.



Easy Own
At 12 months you can reduce your rental payments by 30% over 36 months and choose ownership at the end of the term for just $1!


Get started in 4 simple steps

1. Apply

It’s quick and easy! Simply fill out an application or phone
us to apply. We offer INSTANT APPROVAL up to $5,000!

2. Get Equipped

Choose the equipment you need from an authorized Silver Chef
dealer and we will purchase it on your behalf

3. Start Business

Once you’ve received
the equipment,
you’re ready to go!

4. Flexible Options

Purchase or upgrade at any time. An additional 3 flexible options are available after 12 months

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Renting vs Leasing

If you've made the smart decision not to tie up your cash in buying equipment, you will be presented with the more common financing option: leasing.

While leasing may look ”low cost” at first glance, you should take into account the full cost of leasing and the potential impact it may have on your business.


  • 4-year fixed contract
  • Balance sheet item
  • Director's guarantee required
  • No discount purchase option
  • Stuck with the equpment


  • 12-month contract
  • Off balance sheet
  • Typically no director's guarantee required
  • Buy with 60% rebate of the rent you've paid
  • Return or continue renting & lower the purchase price