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E61 Shower Screen

  • $798

A clean shower screen will improve brew water pressure and distribution and help yield better extraction.

Over time shower screens can plug with old coffee oils and residue causing water to spray erratically with low pressure. In addition, the shower screen holes can eventually get unevenly bigger due to wear.

Replacement of your shower screen is recommended when your current shower screen is too dirty to be cleaned and/or is damaged.

Fits most E61 grouphead machines such as:

  • Brasilia
  • E61
  • ECM
  • Expobar
  • Faema
  • Futurmat
  • Grimac
  • Iberital
  • Rocket Espresso
  • V.F.A / V.B.M
  • Vibiemme
  • Wega
  1. Remove the group gasket (can use a flat head to gently pry out group gasket and shower screen by pressing down against the shower screen lip)
  2. Remove the shower screen
  3. Clean grouphead
  4. Clean the water diffuser
  5. Install shower screen
  6. Install group gasket

30 day Return Policy from Beans 2 Machines

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