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Rancilio Group Gasket - Silvia

  • $598

Espresso shots pouring from more than just your spouts?

Looks like it's time to replace your group gasket.

Generally group gaskets should be changed yearly but can last much longer or shorter depending on:

  • how often you use your machine
  • how clean your grouphead is
  • how long you leave your machine on for

Group gaskets are easy to replace if they are not too worn and thus we recommend to replace them often. If used too long the group gasket will harden and be extremely difficult to remove.

The gasket is 73 mm x 57mm x 8 mm and fits most home and commercial Rancilio machines but is recommended for the:

  • Silvia
  • Miss Silvia
  • Kathy
  • Nancy
  • Lucy
  1. Remove the flat 8 mm shower screen screw
  2. Remove the shower screen and water diffuser
  3. Remove the group gasket (use a sharp object such as a dental pick or owl to dig into the gasket and pry it out)
  4. Clean the grouphead and ensure all of the old gasket material is removed
  5. Clean the water diffuser, shower screen
  6. Install the new group gasket, water diffuser, shower screen, and screw

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